The Art of Fufu

by Grubido

A guide to West African Cuisine, Culture, and Tradition.

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About the Book

All fufu dishes consist of two parts-the prepared, cooked fufu (which has a dough-like consistency and is made by mixing a plant base with water) and a unique soup that accompanies it. The cooked fufu can be made from a variety of bases, such as yams, shredded cassava tubers, and cassava flour.

After the fufu is cooked, it is rolled into small balls, which are then formed into a spoon shape with the hand. The soup is then scooped with the fufu, and the bite is swallowed whole. Just as there are many different types of fufu, there are many different types of soups. Part of the joy of fufu is discovering which flavors pair best together.

This colorful book discusses popular ingredients used to make fufu and the soups that go along with it as well as methods of preparation for fufu. The Art of Fufu is sure to appeal to those interested in learning more about West Africa’s food culture and one of its most cherished foods.

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About the Author

Kavachi Michelle Ukegbu is a global food ambassador with a passion for bringing people together through food with cultural connections. A third-generation culinary professional with Nigerian heritage, Kavachi spent her formative years cultivating a passion for food in her mother’s restaurant, Safari, the first and longest-running African restaurant in Houston. Inspired by her mother and eager to build on her legacy, Kavachi embarked on her academic journey. She broadened her perspective and explored the finer points of business and dining at University Bocconi in Milan, Italy. That passion came to full fruition when she founded, a website whose mission is to expand international food awareness. Through Grubido, Kavachi fuses her training in the culinary arts, marketing, and hospitality management to host enriching in-person experiences crafted to expand guests’ culinary horizons. Grubido conducts art shows, called “The Art of Fufu,” throughout the greater Houston area. These shows feature food, beverage tastings, classes, West African culture, works of art, and music—all fulfilling her mission to spread the love of international food to those who haven’t ventured outside their cultural bubble. Kavachi has been a staple in the food community and featured in Stroll Magazine, Cuisine Noir Magazine, Fox 26 News, the Houston Press, the Houston Cookbook, KRCW News, Vibe Houston, Daily Dot and more. She has hosted renown cooking classes at Central Market and featured at the University of Houston Celebrity Chef series.

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