About the Art of Fufu

Creatively Advancing the Narrative and Telling the Story of Fufu!

The Art of Fufu is America’s home base for the rich traditions of West African cuisine, especially its namesake, fufu. Headed by chef Kavachi Ukegbu, this Houston-based organization aims to educate America and the world about this delectable dish through books, events, cultural exchanges, recipe-sharing, cooking demonstrations, and more.
The Art of Fufu is a passion project that was birthed to create more dialogues around West African food. We truly believe that a West African staple like fufu deserves recognition on a global scale. Fufu isn’t just another meal. It represents a rich culture that evokes feelings of simple pleasures passed on from generation to generation.

Uniting nations through The Art of Fufu is a dream come true for us. It is both exhilarating and inspiring that we get to strengthen the multicultural awareness of one of West Africa’s food royalties. We are absolutely breaking glass ceilings and proving to the world that fufu shares our history beyond the plate.

We want to represent the smile on your face when fufu brings you satisfaction.
We want to create an environment that embraces food diversity.
We want to push the narrative that West African food deserves to be on every table.

The Art of Fufu is an expression, a worthy craving, and an experience that we are excited for you to be a part of.
What are you waiting for? Come, have some fufu with us!

Our Mission

At The Art of Fufu, our mission is to spread the love of fufu, a well-loved staple dish across the world.

Our Vision

Our long-term vision is to give fufu a place among the world’s finest culinary traditions. To do so, we have a book called The Art of Fufu a stunning, full-color reference book that will give readers a better understanding of fufu, its cultural history, and its traditional flair. An intimate journey into typical west african kitchens, Art of fufu will give readers insight into the region’s deep cultural roots. Providing guidance, starting with table etiquette, each chapter in Art of fufu will peer more deeply into this breathtaking region and its culinary diversity. Our vision is to impact lives through breaking barriers and uniting all of us on a plate. Come and roll some fufu with us!