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Creatively Advancing the Narrative and Telling the Story of Fufu!

The Art of Fufu is America’s home base for the rich traditions of West African cuisine, especially its namesake, fufu. Headed by chef Kavachi Ukegbu, this Houston-based organization aims to educate America and the world about this delectable dish through books, events, cultural exchanges, recipe-sharing, cooking demonstrations, and more.
The Art of Fufu is a passion project that was birthed to create more dialogues around West African food. We truly believe that a West African staple like fufu deserves recognition on a global scale. Fufu isn’t just another meal. It represents a rich culture that evokes feelings of simple pleasures passed on from generation to generation.

Uniting nations through The Art of Fufu is a dream come true for us. It is both exhilarating and inspiring that we get to strengthen the multicultural awareness of one of West Africa’s food royalties. We are absolutely breaking glass ceilings and proving to the world that fufu shares our history beyond the plate.

We want to represent the smile on your face when fufu brings you satisfaction.
We want to create an environment that embraces food diversity.
We want to push the narrative that West African food deserves to be on every table.

The Art of Fufu is an expression, a worthy craving, and an experience that we are excited for you to be a part of.
What are you waiting for? Come, have some fufu with us!


At The Art of Fufu, our mission is to spread the love of fufu, a well-loved staple dish acrossthe world. We hope to expand people’s minds through food, art, classes, demonstrations, and music.

Our Values

The Art of Fufu team's core values of passion, creativity, diversity, and growth drive their purpose of placing West African food, particularly fufu, in the culinary spotlight and educating the world about it through various means.


Our long-term vision is to give fufu a place among the world’s finest culinary traditionsand impact lives by breaking barriers and uniting all of us on a plate. We are passionate about offering the world a taste of one of West Africa’s finest cuisines.

You can contribute greatly to The Art of Fufu by becoming a partner…

By entering into a partnership with Art of Fufu, you are committing yourself to deliver experiential relevance to thousands of passionate influencers and their millions of collective followers. Through media coverage, consumer-based activations, and branded placements. You will have the tools to advance your brand into multiple untapped and emergent markets.

You are welcome to be a part of our team as an intern…

Join a close-knit team of young, entrepreneurial, fun-loving, and community-oriented doers. Lead the effort to redefine fufu to the mainstream market.

Our internship program is unparalleled and unique – designed around your passions, interests, career objectives, and of course, fufu!


  • Strategy/Finance: You’re the van Gogh of PowerPoint or an Excel financial modeling whiz – you have internship experience in management consulting/ finance/investment banking or a related field.
  • Event Planning: You’ve organized large-scale events and initiatives – you have at least one completed project to show.
  • Marketing: You’re a social media guru – Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.
  • Communications: Your affinity for the written word is unmatched – you’ve got a short sample of your writing (non-academic) and/or prior experience in communications.

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