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Happy National Fufu Day

Fufu, the marvelously mouth-watering delicacy that is beloved by West Africans, now has its own holiday — National Fufu Day on August 11. This day honors fufu as it takes its place among the world’s most iconic cuisines. Coinciding with West Africa’s traditional yam festival, which takes place every year in August, the region’s rainy season is the perfect time to celebrate this wonderful finger food. The traditional recipe for fufu uses true yams, which are boiled and then pounded in a wooden mortar and pestle until a smooth and sticky dough is formed. The tart and sour flavor of pounded starches pair well with full-bodied and well-seasoned meat and vegetable dishes. As the popularity of fufu grows internationally, it becomes more important for everything concerning fufu to be readily available, including how to make it and where to buy it. Luckily, hungry connoisseurs and fufu enthusiasts alike can check out the book called “The Art of Fufu,” written and compiled by Grubido. The book aims to shine a light on this traditional staple dish, which is a favorite in its native region of Africa and in the Caribbean, and is now beginning to appear on menus all over the world.

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